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The first thing you want from a doctor is a diognosis and it is exactly the same with car maintenance and servicing. If there’s a problem we can diagnose it and put it right before it becomes a problem or expensive. We combine traditional mechanical skills with the latest high-tech equipment to keep your valued Mercedes, BMW, Volkswogen, Audi and Volvo in optimum condition. We offer personalised expertise and can only accept a limited number of new clients. If you want the best at no extra cost please pick up the phone and discuss your needs. Don’t accept nearly right or good enough, because we don’t!



We offer quality BMW repairs with all parts and lubricants meeting manufacturer standards. From engine to gearbox repairs, Angus Mitchell Automotive has you covered.


We deliver professional Mercedes repair services using only the latest technology along with years of experience to ensure your vehicle is functioning at its optimum level.


Your Volkswagen endures harsh weather conditions all year round. That’s why we offer high-quality repair services to ensure your car not only performs well but also is reliable.


Your Volvo must be well looked after, and with Angus Mitchell Automotive maintenance and repair services we can guarantee that your Volvo will last you years.


Audi’s are high performing vehicles that must undergo regular maintenance to ensure optimum operation, efficiency and reliability during harsh weather conditions and various environments.


For ultimate performance, we provide high quality vehicle parts and functions to ensure your car never lets you down. From engine, transmission and gearbox improvements, your most prized possession will remain powerful.

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European Auto Service Adelaide Without Dealer Prices