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Audi Service Adelaide without Dealer prices


Angus Mitchell Automotive are independent Audi specialist mechanics in Adelaide. At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to offer you personalised dealership alternative servicing at a reasonable price.

We offer Audi log book servicing (which will keep your manufacturers warranty), engine and transmission (including DSG) repairs, brakes, air conditioning repairs and more. Do you have an annoying light on your dashboard? We can fix this! We are able to supply original equipment and quality aftermarket replacement parts for your vehicle to ensure the quality of your vehicle continues.

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The Australian environment in which your Audi operates is quite different from its European origin. Your vehicle has to work in a very hostile environment with highly variable weather conditions and more extreme temperatures. This is easily achievable with good servicing to ensure correct performance, reliability and economy.

If you have invested in a beautifully designed and precision-made Audi buying the car is just not enough. You have to maintain it to get the optimum performance and enjoyment from your investment. And that includes regular, meticulous maintenance and service. This is what Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you, a highly specialised workshop able to provide a quality local Audi service in Adelaide without the Dealer prices.

Services we can offer and are not limited to include,

  • log book servicing
  • electrical and air-conditioning
  • transmission repairs
  • engine reconditioning and restoration

The skill of the painter is not in the brushes and tubes of paint but in his/her understanding and skill. And that’s how it is with maintenance for your Audi vehicle. If you want your work done by local experts and by the book then pick up the phone.

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Renowned for innovation and luxury, we are able to ensure your vehicle upholds Audi’s reliability through our expert local servicing and repair workshop. For your favourite vehicle, turbo diesel’s to direct injection petrol engines, we have the local knowledge and experience to ensure yours is maintained to your standards. Call us for a no obligation free quote on your auto service or repair. All work is backed by us with a warranty, with parts that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. Talk to us for more details.

Some issues we have found whilst servicing Audi vehicles include,

The Audi Q7 is a very large vehicle which offers comfort for a large family. However, if you want to travel in comfort expect this to come at a cost. The V6 TDI engine is reliable with over servicing but there can be expensive oil leaks and cooling system issues. A small plastic water housing failure can involve a large amount of time and the whole front of the engine to be removed to fix the leak!

Audi A4’s are great to drive but there are problems to look out for. The 2.0l petrol engine can have serious oil consumption issues. Front suspension components wear out after 100,000kms and other issues like ignition coils, water pumps and other cooling system issues are common.

  • Radiator and cooling system leaks due to plastic fatigue of components
  • Engine blown head gasket due to failure and leaks of cooling system
  • Broken timing belt due to lack of servicing
  • The 4 cylinder engines use a plastic water pump – yes that’s right, plastic! They are prone to leaking.
  • Diesel particulate filter blocking due to short trips. This can be cleaned if the problem is discovered early.
  • EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) valves becoming blocked and an engine light illuminates.
  • Water pump leaking coolant.
  • The Audi 1.4 TFSI is a highly strung engine. Miss a service and you can kiss this engine goodbye.
  • Problems can occur with the 1.4 timing chain tensioner, timing chain and camshaft valve timing variator.
  • Engine oil leaks.
  • Window regulators failing.
  • Engine timing failure due to broken idler bearing bolt on diesels. Not a very nice experience, you must always replace the bolt to prevent failure.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils that meet manufacturers approvals. These cost more, but will give your high performance engine a fighting fit chance.

Call us now for free advice and a friendly chat about your requirements. 

Latest technology, traditional skills.

You wan't the best for your car, which is why we invest in the latest training and equipment. We always strive for the highest quality, and that includes good old fashioned service.

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Diagnostic equipment.

You betcha. We source our diagnostic software from leading suppliers throughout the world. Annoying lights on the dash? No problems, we can fix it for you!

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We want to be the best.

As Henry Royce once said, "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better." We think that's a pretty good philosophy to have.

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