BMW Service Adelaide Without Dealer Prices

Welcome to Angus Mitchell Automotive – your local independent BMW service specialists in Adelaide. We are proud to offer dealership alternative and log book servicing for your BMW. We offer quality repairs with all parts and lubricants meeting manufacturer service standards for a lower cost. We have many years’ experience working with BMW vehicles and consider your vehicle a privilege to work on, and we are members of the Motor Trade Association of SA.

BMW began making cars in 1917, although many things may have changed, the quality and engineering standards have not. We are passionate about BMW’s and our goal is to ensure that you and your BMW is cared for the way it deserves and continues to give you many years of service.

Angus Mitchell Automotive is equipped with the latest computer diagnostic software to cater for all electrical and mechanical requirements. We offer services including log book servicing, engine and transmission repairs, brakes and classic BMW repairs and restoration. We have access to OE replacement parts for your vehicle which ensure the quality of your BMW continues.

Services we offer for BMW's

Log Book Servicing
Electrical & Air-Conditioning
Engine Fault Diagnosis
Driveline Repairs
Transmission Repairs
Cooling System Repairs
Transmission Servicing
Fuel System Repair

Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you honest and reliable service and repairs for your European vehicle. All work is backed by us with a warranty, with parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. All servicing satisfies new car log book warranty requirements.

The BMW service schedule is somewhat over ambitious with regards to oil changes and the future protection of the engine and automatic transmissions. Generally we find that after the vehicle is over 5 years old, problems can arise due to lack of servicing.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils. Sure, these oils cost more than cheap oils just as the best food costs more than junk.

Generally, a much-improved car than previous models. The 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is a derivative of the engine used in BMW’s Mini. The engine originally engineered by Peugeot is a great engine with only a small amount of issues, one of is with the friction wheel driving the water pump which can be expensive to repair. Can also have water leaks from the turbo area.

  • Issues with engine oil consumption, mainly the later N42 engine which can develop many oil leaks from lack of servicing.
  • Avoid the N42 and N46 engines like the plague. Most develop oil and coolant leaks on a regular basis. Very few engines run reliably and do not cost large amounts of money to repair.
  • Engine vacuum pumps leaking oil onto exhaust.
  • Cooling system and radiator issues. Mostly due to plastic parts stress fracturing.
  • Issues with engine oil consumption, mainly the later N42 engine which can develop many oil leaks from lack of servicing.
  • Electronic steering module malfunctions, causing a warning lights to illuminate.
  • Bluetooth modules not working causing phone connection issues. These can be repaired easily.
  • Carbon build up on intake valves due to direct injection
  • Engine oil leaks from lack of regular oil changes
  • A very high performance direct injection engine which runs twin turbos. The engine runs multiple vacuum hoses for the turbo waste gates and these can fail which lead to loss of power and incorrect operation of the turbos. Read our review on this car here.
  • Generally a solid car but some issues with the V8 timing chains.
  • Cooling system and radiator issues. Mostly due to plastic parts stress fracturing. Radiator replacement essential at 100,000kms for longevity.
  • It is essential to check the water and oil levels regularly as overheating can damage the alloy engine blocks.
  • A very nice car which performs well. The pick of the bunch is the M54 engine (6 cylinder petrol). The diesels also give great fuel economy and reliability.
  • Some issues with the battery safety terminal (BST) which can cause airbag light to illuminate.
  • Front castor bushes can wear and usually require replacement every 60-80,000 kms depending on driving condition.
  • If you are looking for a nice late model European car that drives like a limousine, this is the car for you.
  • Diesel engines can suffer from high pressure fuel pump failure if filled with petrol accidentally. Don’t despair if this happens, we can help you claim it on your comprehensive insurance.
  • Battery failure can leave you stranded. A regular check and charge is needed as the charging system will not fully charge the battery during stop start city driving.
  • Timing chain and oil leaks on V8 models.
  • Oil consumption on 6 cylinder engines.
  • Engine cooling systems leaking from expansion tanks.
  • Rear diff failure. The first sign of this is oil leaking from the pinion seal. If not rectified early a complete new diff may be required.
  • Engine oil leaks from the V8. Cam cover, upper timing cover gaskets and spark plug seals leak oil.
  • Air conditioning compressor seal failure and other air conditioning system leaks.
  • Whilst these cars can perform well, you are going to need deep pockets if something goes wrong. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.