Get Your Brakes Replaced by a Mercedes Specialist in Adelaide

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Get Your Brakes Replaced by a Mercedes Specialist in Adelaide

Your Mercedes is fully equipped and intentionally designed to provide you with all sorts of safety measures while driving. From all the sensors, cameras, and driver support features, however, there’s another crucial part of your on-road protection that several Mercedes owners (and motorists in general) have a tendency to overlook and that vial part is brakes.

While they may not be as glitzy as something like Distronic cruise control, your brakes are a critical piece of the safety equation – all things considered, they are the critical component between you and the next vehicle in front.

Damaged brakes radically increase your risk of driving Mercedes, for example-

  • You may lose stopping power, hold, and control
  • Increased braking distance
  • Greater threat of failing to stop in an emergency situation

Basically, it becomes crucial to check that your brakes are in appropriate condition!

After analyzing all the risks that can happen due to the poor condition of brakes.

You are probably be thinking questions such as –

When is the right time to get your brakes inspected by a specialist?

How frequently should you get your brakes replaced?

As with many other similar automotive queries, the answer for this one is “it depends!”

While we know it well, it is not certainly the absolute answer you will hear from other specialists. Things are hardly as straightforward as the service experts advise they are (That is why other Mercedes professionals in Adelaide don’t necessarily monitor and just rely on computer sensors).

It usually based on:

The way you drive the vehicle.

As being the owner of a Mercedes, we truly do not blame you for anticipating to certainly push your car to the limit. Beyond all, the Mercedes brand is not just about luxury – it is more associated with power and performance.

Although, we do not suggest making a habit of this! Primarily, the performance of your Mercedes is what may have led you to this most importance purchase. Whilst using this fantastic power, you may need to bear in mind that you can damage or prematurely wear your brakes.

On the off chance that you need to increase the time between brake replacement, we propose being somewhat gentle with your Mercedes after you head out from repairs. This guarantees that the new braking system we have fitted is allowed adequate time to bed the disc brake pads to the rotors.

Points to pay attention to maintain your Mercedes brakes

Visual Inspection

It just takes two or three minutes to physically check your brakes at our service center – nonetheless, a visual check can add to your peace of mind as you do not have to rely on sometimes unreliable computer sensors. It isn’t simply poor driving habits that can wear your brakes, either – it’s similarly as significant that your every day application on the brakes are not heavy footed. When it comes to slowing your car down a hill, it is a fantastic idea to use the engine to help slow the car whilst descending. This takes pressure off the braking system and reduces heat. It gets much more complex – since each Mercedes model is an alternate weight, the degree of application that expands to the life expectancy of your brakes can change depending upon which Mercedes you drive.

You may find some information in the owners manual regarding your brakes however, it is best to contact us for some expert free advice. If you can not get the answer to your question, send our Mercedes specialists in Adelaide a fast email – we will gladly answer your questions.

Excessive Wear

More weight = quicker brake wear – it is pretty much as straightforward as that.

Except if you drive an X-Class, Vito, or a ML SUV, your Mercedes is a vehicle suited to long distances. You may expect your brakes to perform flawlessly in high load conditions such as towing a trailer as the brakes are made to stop the car in unforeseen situations. While it will not cause harm, it will drastically accelerate mileage on your brakes, particularly if you have a propensity for over loading or towing your vehicle.

Fortunately, you do not need to stress over this. All things considered, it is something to keep in the back of your mind!

Brake Fluid and Master Cylinders

It is also vital after using your car in Australia that your brake fluid and other components that rely on the brakes are inspected. The fluid must be flushed every 3 years and in our workshop we use the technology of pressure bleeding the system on your vehicle. Basically, the brake fluid system is pressurized to 3 bar and new fluid is forced through the system to draw out dirt particles or moisture.

In addition to this, this system allows us to check for any leaks that may be present in the system. Whilst the replacement of brake master cylinders is rare if you carefully flush your brake fluid on a regular basis, brake master cylinders can still fail after considerable neglect and failing to flush your brake fluid. This is detrimental to the safety of your vehicle as the brake master cylinder is the connection to the brake pedal and the feel you are used to!

If it has been a long time since you last had your brakes serviced

Regardless of whether your brake pads are at an acceptable level, it is a smart thought to get your brakes checked at any rate as they arrive at the 2-year mark. That is on the grounds that wear on the material and brake fluid system can occur after this time. As indicated by certain sources, one of the reasons for the fender bender that killed Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker may have been 9-year old brakes.

Should your next Mercedes service incorporate brake brand substitution?

The tracks are beginning become uncovered with dealership conduct. You do not need to fit genuine Mercedes brakes to your vehicle to be covered under your warranty. In fact, people do not realize that under your new car service agreement you may have a rude shock when your brakes are due for replacement. Come to Mitchell Automotive and get us to give you a price on non genuine, but high quality brakes for replacement on your Mercedes. In fact some of the brands we fit are manufacturers of brakes that specialize in designing braking systems for Mercedes. In short, you are getting equally as good quality with a reduced price!

Not only that, Australian consumer law states that you do not need to be locked into a Mercedes dealership for replacement of your brakes and in fact general servicing. The Australian Government has recently introduced law to the parliament that forbids the kind of questionable conduct dealerships have been known to exhibit, that is attempting to lock you in to their services and blackmailing you to force you to stay in their expensive showrooms with fear of loosing your warranty. Let us assure you, this can not happen and we provide our own warranty with all brake system parts fitted.

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