Magneto re-magnetising service now available

I have finally managed to source and purchase a magneto and permanent magnet re-magnetiser. This may look like something out of a Frankenstein movie but I can assure you it is an extremely useful and valuable tool when you are working on vintage cars equipped with magneto ignition. Every other auto electrician had one of these in the 1920’s onwards but the weight of copper windings doomed most to be sold for scrap.

If your historic vehicle has magneto ignition and you have not had the magnets re-magnetised for some years consider marking the position, removing the magneto and bringing it to me to be re-magnetised. The magneto does NOT have to be stripped down and the process does not take long. Drop off one morning and pick up the same day. $50 but phone first. Why should you bother? A better spark, more power, better fuel economy and of course easier starting!

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