Frequently Asked Questions

Modern vehicles are put under extreme stresses to cope with the demands of fuel efficiency and emission requirements, consequently this can result in premature failure of components if a vehicle is not service correctly.

We strongly recommend that you service your vehicle at a minimum of once per year or 10,000kms. Regardless of what manufacturers say if you want your vehicle to last you need to keep fresh clean fluids in the engine!

No, unfortunately it isn’t. All transmissions require servicing and we strongly recommend replacing the fluid and filter every 5 years or 80,000kms.

Trust us, it is cheap insurance as some modern transmissions can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair!

Absolutely. As the stress and strain is put on modern vehicles continues to grow, so does the requirement to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whilst most of the parameters are controlled by the engine control unit, build up of carbon in the engine and throttle body can cause the vehicle to run rough and splutter. Combine this with a few fault codes stored in the control units, it can have disastrous consequences.

A cabin filter cleans the air which enters the vehicles passenger compartment. These paper filters are designed to stop dirt and dust entering the vehicle and prevent bacteria build up. You would be surprised at how quickly they can become contaminated causing unwanted smells inside the car, which can lead to an unhealthy environment. Most cabin filters require replacement approximately every 25,000kms.

We recommend that unless you are 100% sure that your vehicle does not use ANY oil or coolant you should check your levels weekly. Did you know that some engine can use up to 1.5 litres of oil per 1,000kms!