Mercedes Service Adelaide Without Dealer Prices

Welcome to Angus Mitchell Automotive – your local Mercedes service specialist in Adelaide. We are as passionate about your Mercedes Benz vehicle as you are. In a very short time span we have built up an enviable reputation for quality car servicing and repairs with no extra costs. We don’t cut corners and if you own a well maintained drive vehicle, you would not want us to, as your independent Adelaide Mercedes Benz specialist.

We are equipped with the latest diagnostic computer technology to ensure that your Mercedes will continue to run like a top German automobile should. We offer a range of services including log book servicing, engine and transmission repairs, brakes and classic Mercedes repairs and restoration. We also have access to OE replacement parts for your vehicle which ensure the quality of your Mercedes continues.

Since the first vehicle was invented by Karl Benz back in 1879 a lot of things have changed. One thing is for certain, although technology can change in one hundred and fifty years, like Karl Benz we strive to be the best in our field – servicing and repairing your Mercedes.The engine of your Mercedes is, more than anything, what makes it a vehicle. We insure our cars because they are not only assets but useful and a delight to drive.

The cheapest insurance for a modern, hard-working engine is regular oil changes. At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils.

Services we offer for Mercedes Benz

Log Book Servicing
Electrical & Air-Conditioning
Engine Fault Diagnosis
Driveline Repairs
Transmission Repairs
Cooling System Repairs
Transmission Servicing
Fuel System Repair

Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you honest and reliable service and repairs for your European vehicle. All work is backed by us with a warranty, with parts that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. Talk to us for details.

We know Mercedes Benz vehicles extremely well and offer free advice for people wanting to move away from dealership servicing. At Angus Mitchell Automotive we offer quality service for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle – no warranty is affected with our service schedules, as we follow factory specifications and servicing requirements. We guarantee all our work and back our quality and service.

Regular servicing using quality oils and parts is essential to keep your Mercedes-Benz running nicely. Some issues can arise due to lack of servicing and it is far cheaper to maintain the servicing schedule rather than end up with costly repairs.

Some of the well-known parts brands we use are those which are originally fitted to your Mercedes – Benz as it left the factory and include – Bosch, Hengst, Mahle, ATE, Textar, Febi, Valeo and more. We are large buyers in European aftermarket parts and we are able to pass on our buying power to the customer – with no quality compromise. 

At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils. Sure, these oils cost more than cheap oils just as the best food costs more than junk.

Some issues we have found whilst servicing these cars include

  • Engine PCV hoses splitting, causing engine to run rough and illuminate engine warning light
  • Engine timing chain stretch, timing chain slippage causing damage to engine
  • Oil entering wiring loom from camshaft actuator magnets
  • Generally much improved from previous models, however regular servicing is essential, some minor electrical issues can present
  • Oil leaks from camshaft actuator magnets
  • Automatic gearbox oil leaks
  • Engine oil leaks from oil filter housing and cam covers
  • Suspension component wear causing tyre scrub
  • Transmission oil leaks from gearbox data plug
  • Engine turbo leaking onto inlet actuator motor
  • Engine glow plug faults
  • Black smoke on hard acceleration, due to blocked fuel and air filters