Volvo Service Adelaide Without Dealer Prices

We are as passionate about your Volvo as you are. Scandanavian style deserves special service, and here at Mitchell Automotive we strive to do just that. Volvo are renowned for their quality and safety and we are the independent specialists to keep your Volvo rolling. We always strive to be the best in our field – servicing and repairing your Volvo in Adelaide.

Angus Mitchell Automotive is equipped with the latest computer diagnostic software to cater for all electrical and mechanical requirements. We offer services including log book servicing, engine and transmission repairs, brakes and classic Volvo repairs and restoration.We have access to OE replacement parts for your vehicle which ensure the quality of your Volvo continues.

Services we offer for Volvo's

Log Book Servicing
Electrical & Air-Conditioning
Engine Fault Diagnosis
Driveline Repairs
Transmission Repairs
Cooling System Repairs
Transmission Servicing
Fuel System Repair

Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you honest and reliable service and repairs for your European vehicle. All work is backed by us with a warranty, with parts that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. Talk to us for details.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we offer you great service for your Volvo. We think that Volvo’s are generally great cars, however, there are a couple of models which can have some issues. We have compiled a list below, call us for a chat about your car.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils. Sure, these oils cost more than cheap oils just as the best food costs more than junk.

Some issues we have found whilst servicing these cars include

  • On the all-wheel drive models the transfer cases can be problematic.
  • Timing belt and water pumps must be replaced in a unit at around 90,000kms.
  • Suspension bush wear, especially on the strut tops.
  • Starter ring gears wearing, an expensive job as the engine has to be removed.
  • ABS modules failing.
  • Turbo boost valve problems
  • Automatic transmission failure on early T6 models
  • Handbrake actuation design fault on mechanical models, handbrake rarely holds the car adequately.
  • The pick of the bunch is the T5 models around 2006.
  • Ignition coils failing.
  • Automatic transmission failure and or hard gear changes.
  • 6 cylinder engine intermediate gear bearing failure – An expensive repair job. Avoid the 6 cylinder engines, go for a four cylinder.
  • Interior trim components breaking. Aside from these issues (which could be off putting…) we think that these cars have potential to be a great car. Just make sure you talk to us to get the right model!