VW Service Adelaide Without Dealer Prices

Welcome to Angus Mitchell Automotive – Volkswagen independent specialist mechanics in Adelaide. At Angus Mitchell Automotive, We have the latest equipment and tools to offer you dealership alternative servicing at a price you can afford.

Angus Mitchell Automotive is equipped with the latest computer diagnostic software to cater for all electrical and mechanical requirements. We offer services including log book servicing, engine and transmission repairs, brakes and classic VW repairs and restoration. We have access to OE replacement parts for your vehicle which ensure the quality of your Volkswagen continues.

Your VW has to work in a very hostile environment in all sorts of weather throughout the year. They can do this and deliver more, but only if they are regularly inspected and serviced for optimum performance, reliabilty and economy. We at Angus Mitchell Automotive deliver that service for no more than you would expect to pay elsewhere.

If you have invested in a beautifully designed and precision-made VW buying the car is just not enough. You have to maintain it to get the optimum performance and enjoyment from your investment. And that includes regular, meticulous maintenance and service. And that is what Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you. We are a small highly-specialised workshop who are able to provide you with a quality Volkswagen repair service in Adelaide.

Services we offer for VW's

Log Book Servicing
Electrical & Air-Conditioning
Engine Fault Diagnosis
Driveline Repairs
Transmission Repairs
Cooling System Repairs
Transmission Servicing
Fuel System Repair

The skill of the painter is not in the brushes and tubes of paint but in his/her understanding and skill. And that’s how it is with vehicle maintenance for your VW Volkswagen. If you want your work done expertly and by the book then pick up the phone.

Renowned for innovation and producing cars suitable for everyday life, we are able to ensure your car upholds VW’s reliability through our expert service and repair workshop. From Golf’s to Transporters, turbo diesel’s to direct injection petrol engines, we have access the knowledge and experience to ensure your vehicle is maintained to your standard. Call us for a no obligation free quote on your vehicles service or repair. All work is backed by us with a warranty, with parts that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. Talk to us for details.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive we only use the very best oils. Sure, these oils cost more than cheap oils just as the best food costs more than junk.

Some issues we have found whilst servicing these cars include

  • Engine carbon build up due to exhaust gas recirculation
  • Smell from build up of bacteria in air conditioning evaporater
  • Oil filter housing leaking oil and coolant
  • VW offered a smaller 1.4 turbo or twin charged engine to cut fuel economy and emissions. These engine were boosted to over 1.5 bar which caused early engines to crack pistons
  • Timing chain and tensioner noise on start up, which can result in engine damage beyond repair
  • Camshaft adjuster failing. Also causes rattle on start up
  • Supercharger clutches failing. This runs off the water pump
  • Coolant leaks from the re-circulating water pump
  • Engine blowing black smoke on acceleration
  • Rear tailshaft (kardan shaft) broken mount causing vibration during acceleration
  • Engine burning excessive oil due to lack of servicing
  • Water pump leaking at 80,000kms. It is essential this is replaced with the timing belt
  • Engine oil consumption due to long service intervals, the oil level needs to be checked monthly at a minimum and changed regularly
  • Central locking actuators failing