Jaguar Car Service Adelaide

Jaguar Car Service Adelaide

Your Ideal Jaguar Car Service in Adelaide

At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we are your reliable Jaguar car service business in Adelaide. We offer honest and reliable auto service and repairs for Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo vehicles using the best parts on the market. We aim to be the best and strive to exceed your expectations every time.

Here, we offer old fashioned service with guaranteed quality. With 15 years of experience and a team of dedicated auto service specialists, we will service your car for the best performance experience. We provide our clients with logbook servicing, electrical and air conditioning, suspension, engine fault diagnosis, among other services. At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we combine traditional mechanical skills with the latest high-tech equipment to keep your valued vehicle in optimum condition.  We are a fully registered member of the Motor Trade Association.

What Sets Our Jaguar Car Service Apart from Others in Adelaide?

As the leading Jaguar car service in Adelaide, Angus Mitchell Automotive offers you quality repairs with all parts and lubricants meeting manufacturer standards. We believe that good is not enough and this is why we offer you the best repair services at no extra cost.

We are here to ensure that your Jaguar is at its optimum performance. We consider your vehicle a privilege to work on. Our experienced team has the specific knowledge and skills to provide all your Jaguar’s servicing needs in Adelaide. Our mechanics can diagnose every task with the help of specific modernised tools and the latest technology. For these reasons, we are dedicated to offering personalised expertise aimed at your total satisfaction.

Jaguar Car Service Adelaide

Book an Appointment with Angus Mitchell Automotive for Your Jaguar Car Service in Adelaide

If you have any questions about our Jaguar car service in Adelaide, visit our website or book an appointment with us. Our team will follow up with you within no time. We believe that there are no irrelevant questions. We understand that customers’ needs may vary, and this is why we offer personalised services.  At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we know all too well the inconvenience caused by a broken-down vehicle. As such, do not hesitate to contact us when your Jaguar breaks down.

Some of the frequently asked questions about our services include;

How often should I service my car?

Modern vehicles are put under extreme stress to cope with the demands of fuel efficiency and emission requirements. Consequently, this can result in premature failure of components if a vehicle is not serviced correctly.

We strongly recommend that you service your vehicle at a minimum of once per year or 10,000kms. Regardless of what manufacturers say, you need to keep fresh, clean fluids in the engine if you want your vehicle to last!

Does my vehicle’s engine require a tune-up?

Absolutely. As the stress and strain put on modern vehicles continues to grow, so does the requirements to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whilst most of the parameters are controlled by the engine control unit, the build-up of carbon in the engine and throttle body can cause the vehicle to run rough and splutter. Combine this with a few fault codes stored in the control units; it can have disastrous consequences.

For an ideal Jaguar car service in Adelaide, contact our experts at Angus Mitchell Automotive.