Land Rover Service Adelaide

Land Rover Service Adelaide

Get the Most Reliable Land Rover Service in Adelaide.

At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we offer the most reliable and honest Land Rover service in Adelaide. We have a team of experts dealing in auto repairs for Land Rover, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar. Here, we will diagnose your vehicle with a combination of old fashioned and the most advanced technological solutions for the best performance of your land rover.

We will offer a wide range of services for your Land Rover ranging from engine, fault diagnosis, suspension, electrical and air conditioning, among other services. We have an experienced team with over 40 years of combined expertise. As such, we can identify your car’s minor problems before they become significant. We are dedicated to offering you quality services that leave you completely satisfied. For this reason, we get many referrals from our repeat customers.

Land Rover Service Adelaide Specialist

Angus Mitchell Automotive offers the most advanced Land Rover service solutions in Adelaide. We know that possessing a Land Rover and giving it equal attention requires a specialist. We are that specialist who can handle your car issues without affecting its warranty.

As your Land Rover service provider, we will provide you with a skilled mechanic who has significant involvement in managing all Land Rover models. We care about customer loyalty. As such, we work together with our clients to increase the efficiency of your vehicle. We prioritise understanding all issues like oil change, diagnostics and any service at no extra cost. Since Land Rover is a brand that resonates with luxury, we provide solutions parallel to the brand itself. We use quality lubricants that meet manufacturer’s standards. Angus Mitchell Automotive has got you covered from engine to gearbox repairs.

Land Rover Service Adelaide
Land Rover Service Adelaide

Why Choose an Angus Mitchell Automotive Land Rover Service in Adelaide?

At Angus Mitchell Automotive, we offer you the best solutions for your Land Rover service in Adelaide. We are certified under Motors Trade Association. As such, we only use quality materials that your manufacturer approves. We have transparent communication with our clients, which starts the first time you inquire about our services. At Mitchell Automotive, we understand that you are on a budget, and that is why we offer the best services at no extra cost. We always encourage our customers to ask any question that they may have. Some of the frequently asked questions include;

  • Is my transmission filled for life?
    No, unfortunately, it isn’t. All transmissions require servicing, and we strongly recommend replacing the fluid and filter every five years or 80,000kms. Trust us; it is cheap insurance as some modern transmissions can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair!
  • How often should I check my oil and coolant?
    We recommend that unless you are 100% sure that your vehicle does not use ANY oil or coolant, you should check your levels weekly. Did you know that some engines can use up to 1.5 litres of oil per 1,000kms!

Angus Mitchell Automotive is your ideal Land Rover service provider in Adelaide. Visit our shop for all your auto service solutions.