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Magneto re-magnetising service now available

I have finally managed to source and purchase a magneto and permanent magnet re-magnetiser. This may look like something out of a Frankenstein movie but I can assure you it is an extremely useful and valuable tool when you are working on vintage cars equipped with magneto ignition. Every other auto electrician had one of these in the 1920’s onwards but the weight of copper windings doomed most to be sold for scrap.

If your historic vehicle has magneto ignition and you have not had the magnets re-magnetised for some years consider marking the position, removing the magneto and bringing it to me to be re-magnetised. The magneto does NOT have to be stripped down and the process does not take long. Drop off one morning and pick up the same day. $50 but phone first. Why should you bother? A better spark, more power, better fuel economy and of course easier starting!

Magneto re-magnetiser

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You get what you pay for when it comes to vehicle servicing…

Don’t be fooled by the discounted service!

This vehicle’s oil filter was very, very close to causing serious engine damage. This is how it was removed from the vehicle – falling apart! The high demands of modern engines mean that the quality of lubricants and parts are critical in maintaining longevity and service life. This oil filter was fitted to a BMW and it is not suitable for use in any car! 

We only use filters that meet or exceed manufacturers specifications – all filters fitted to European vehicles serviced in our workshop are made in Germany – not in China! One thing is for certain, it is not worth the risk – you might save a few dollars in the short term but it will not be good for the long-term health of your engine!

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Special Service Offer

Lube and safety inspection including 5 litres of Elf semi synthetic* oil, oil filter and  labour

for only $143!


Lube and safety inspection including 5 litres of Elf fully synthetic* oil, oil filter and labour

for only $168!

elf 2

And to top it off a free set of wiper blades to the first 3 bookings!

Includes check all levels, lights, suspension, brakes and tyres. Some conditions apply, please call for details.
*bulk oil only, vehicles may require different oils depending on manufacturer specifications. Standard wiper blades only.
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Ducellier switch plates for vintage cars

A run of new Ducellier switch plates is nearing completion for French vintage cars. This aluminium plates are machined from a billet and are designed to take the original embossed brass plate. Switch levers are on their way soon too. These will be produced in lost wax casting taken from an excellent original. For details please contact us!20140508_123131

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Amilcar thrives at Adelaide Motorsport Festival

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival saw over 200 of the best and rarest exotic cars Australia has to offer. Set on a shortened version of the Adelaide parklands F1 circuit, we took our 1925 Amilcar Grand Sport for a burn around this great track.


Sit back and enjoy the video.


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